Top dating tips for guys

Figure out what you want in a woman and prepare yourself.
So you need to get a date. Follow this step by step guide to get yourself ready!

Module #1 outlines preparing for dating world which means:

  • Figuring out what you are looking for in a woman.
  • Preparing yourself
  • Getting your apartment in order

So starting with module #1

1. What are you looking for in a woman? Consider the below "Musts" and "Needs":

  • What items are a "must" for the woman you want to meet? (non-smoker, specific religion, college degree)
  • What items are a "want" for a woman you want to meet? (likes sports, dogs etc, )

Take some time to write out what your perfect woman would be like writing "must" and "want" next to each item. Keep the final list in a safe location and review it as you start dating.

2. Getting physically ready for dating:

  • Are you in your optimal physical shape? If not, start exercizing (consult a doc first). You may not be perfect, but endorphins will make you feel happier and more confident.
  • Your appearance and hygiene is essential. Do you have trimmed clean nails? Does your hair need to be cut and restyled? Do you shower daily (sorry I must add this here, not intended to insult the clean types). If you are balding, do shave your head or make it neat. Dont cover it with hats.
  • Next, inspect your wardrobe. Make sure you have several clean outfits that you feel comfortable in and make you look and feel good. No sneakers and puffy coats allowed on dates! If needed, get yourself some nice new outfits (consult a Venus when in doubt - this will make her feel good, and possibly score you a date).
  • Next, inspect your apartment: Throw out the junk, make it neat and clean, above all make it you. Put up posters and items that are "you". If the "you" is obsessed with a particular item whether its anime or whatever, consider displaying just a few items and shelving the rest. A plant can make a nice touch to liven things up. Put away all porn in a secure place and remove pics of all women except your relatives and friends. Also, Make sure you have a place to sit other than a bed for the date. Make sure the lighting is adequate. Nobody wants to come into somebody's creepy dark apartment. Speaking of the apartment, does it smell nice? Air it out often, and get yourself some nice soaps or candles. Get yourself new sheets, clean towels. If you have a kitchen, make sure you have the basic cooking items, and know how to make a basic meal. Get listerine.