Because when you do not get the message, the message

You press once again the button to illuminate the display of the mobile, lest you came a message and not realized within the last 2 minutes and 37 seconds since its last time where you did the same move. Of course, ignore the dangerous theories about the wi-fi frequencies that affect the brain cells as well ignore the research of scientists emphasize how important it is to disable the internet connection on the mobile when we sleep (because then we do not do quality sleep). Generally ignore what is happening around you because you focus on the mobile of tablet, computer, waiting message ...

But when the message does not come or comes under the following conditions, it is good to see the matter realistically and realize that the most powerful message is exactly what we do not receive. When there is communication, but it is strange, uncomfortable, sparse. Discover why you have already received signs that you need to cease playing the transmitter without having a good receiver:

If you send a message just after midnight, you probably will want to appear just after midnight. Unless man is a night watchman and longs to communicate relationship guide to find romantic and love, the entire time to start the shift. Otherwise, the message on 2, 3, 4 ... dawn means "how are you available to share your quilt because they happen to be in your neighborhood?"

If the messages it sends more to cancel the projects have made, then stop and cancel your own life waiting for him. Not that he has not time, is that you are not a priority in his life. When your communication is based only on messages, and has not progressed to phone calls, then it means that he feels quite intimate with you and most likely to want to remain as it stands.

If you do not tolerate even one complaint and disappears from the chat as a protest, then do not expect to sustain you day after some difficulty.

If you receive a message only to find yourself a certain night of the week, then you do not cherish the hope that in considering the remaining six days and just not found the time to communicate. It gives the time it wishes to allocate to you, a minute more.

If you never had a substantive discussion but know what you like in bed, she has seen at least images, all the collection of your pants, then do not expect that behind the Alexis hiding. Why not hidden, it shows you clearly what he wants. It is your choice whether to stay them, but if you seek something more, it is very likely can not give in!

Finally, if you own last messages ultimatums ... do not expect that the pressure will bring results. Remember that the goal is to be with a man who wants to do things with you, for you ...