How do you know that in facing serious

These are the 6 simple matter how infallible signs can already confirm you the first appointment that your new conquest is here to stay and read more about if you want to make your relationship better..

You leave messages

Not only in mobile and on your profile and in any other way you can imagine with the text the romance back. Sends you email, it leaves you with brief notes where find pen and paper, by Michael Fiore postit, napkins, even the windshield of your car. The fact that it takes every opportunity to express in writing your feelings shows that you are very important to him.

You keep the door to pass

A male who does not let you touch or handle shows a very good treatment that we can hope not limited to protocol issues. Suffice course, you open the door every time, not just to impress the first time we went out.

Says thank you

Unlike many representatives of its kind, a man who cares for you feel grateful for the time that is dedicated and does not hesitate to express your open. Some might assume that you have your attention when you complain about problems encountered eg with their boss, this however not to forget to thank him hear.

Remembers your words

Most can not forget even your birthday, but this man not only remembers and sends you flowers but closes table at your favorite restaurant (yes, remember too that). It also wants to know how she goes the reports prepared in recent weeks about the job and hope to give you priority for promotion, even though the have mentioned random unannounced moment.

To monitor closely

One reason that this boy remembers your words is because ... hear what the say. He has the patience to allow you to put a full stop to any proposal that comes out of your mouth before opening his own, even if it means that we hear once again the entire hymn with complaints about your best friend and errors continue to do with hers.

Wants to meet your friends

A man who is willing to follow thee with joy at the exit with your friends, and even a part of their own choice, while actively participating in -instead friends sitting silent in a corner as do others in the position of at showing that says dear it. Although certainly know that your friends are the first to turn against him if something twisted between you, he has the courage to try to make them the trust and win their favor.